About Harbour Island

Unlike many vacation destinations, Harbour Island has not been inundated with hotels and tourists and still preserves the authentic Bahamian experience. Here you will find a laid-back atmosphere and small-town friendliness that will immediately make you feel at home. Five minutes away from Tickled Pink is the famous Pink Sands Beach, which stretches for miles along the east side of the island. The soft, coral sands are perfect for lazy days soaking up the sun and serene strolls along the beach. Pink Sands Beach is also an ideal place for swimming or snorkeling in the warm turquoise waters of the Atlantic.

It is the quiet charm of Harbour Island that has made it a popular vacation destination. From the local roosters who wander the streets, to the rustic pastel coloured homes and quaint fishing harbor, Harbour Island is unique among the out islands of the Bahamas. While it was at one time the capital of the Bahamas, it is now more akin to a tranquil fishing village, steeped in history and natural beauty. Whether you are looking for exciting oceanic activities or prefer languid island days, a vacation on Harbour Island can easily be tailored to your particular interests.

Harbour Island is only 3 miles long and ½ mile wide, therefore everything you need is within easy walking distance. However, golf carts are the preferred means of transportation on this diminutive island and rentals are easily available. From five-star restaurants offering unparalleled views of the ocean to local Bahamian cuisine, Harbour Island has a wide variety to offer. There are numerous local shops to peruse and purchase handmade island goods, local restaurants where you can try Bahamian favourites such as conch salad and peas ‘n rice, as well as a lively night life at popular bars such as Gusty’s and Daddy D’s. Teejays Beach Chair Rentals supplies lounge chairs, umbrellas and water toys for rent on the beach, which is walking distance from Tickled Pink.

Harbour Island encapsulates all that is distinctive and emblematic of the Bahamas – exquisite beaches, friendly people, flavourful cuisine and the simple pleasures of island living. Here you will find a respite from the stress and chaos of everyday life, and an unforgettable island paradise to cherish and remember.

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